We are proud to say that the UK Porn Podcast has been going 2 years and we are so thankful to our listeners for tuning in when we have a new episode released. Ideally we would like a weekly episode but sometimes it’s hard to get hold of people in time. The Adult Industry is a very busy place and everyone who comes in to chat to us does it out of the kindness of their hearts and gives up their free time so we are grateful to all those people so far. We are always seeking new Industry members for chats for our new shows in 2013 and the episode is all about you and your work, your views on the industry, what projects you got going on, what sites you appear on or indeed if you have a site, open to models, producers,togs you name it if you have a role in the industry and want to be part of the show then get in touch. We really can’t believe that we have had so many people listen to what we do and the fact me and Scarlet do this in our spare time anyway, it’s effortless as we are talking about what we love but even more worth while when we have so many people who enjoy the show.

Thank you again for listening

Paul Taylor and Scarlet Grey