Working for Pure CFNM

Hey Peeps,

So the other day I Worked for Pure CFNM. I was doing a hey little dick shoot and NO it wasn’t me with the little dick lol.

Present on set with me were Brooklyn Blue, Carla Mai and Amber Lou. The other little dick big dude was Andy. Lovely bloke shame about the down stairs compartment lol.

The three girls where humiliating Andy with his one inch wonder, and  I mean terrorising him. He took it in his stride. He’s done a few of them shoots before. I tell you want he was an ex world champion power lifter soft as shit but fuck getting on his wrong side lol.

Then the three girls sucked my big chap off, I cummed in Brooklyn’s face and she wiped it off her face and slapped it in Andys face lol. I walked off with the girls he sat there ashamed lol.

Easy day at the office lol.

Thanks girls.
One Love Kai