Taylor’s Tales – Episode 7 FINAL EPISODE

Yo peeps, well we have come to the end of my journey here on Taylor’s Tales.

I have had a great time bringing you my exclusive show  here on the UK Porn Podcast. I have had a blast over the last 7 months bringing you my unique chat to my 70k  fans. Me and my co host have had such a laugh on this show. Of course I am talking about my co host, fellow northern monkey cunt Paul Taylor. I have been totally honest and the show has been totally random as always, from getting the indian food delivery guy to say hello to our listeners at the door, to doing the show drunk, theres never been any editing and its always been totally unplanned and me and Paul discuss life in general, the job that brought us together with the porn work we do, and a delve into our childhoods  and our a bit of our personal lives. But as you guys know I have left the industry and now I am leaving Taylor’s Tales. In my last show I go out with a fucking bang, we discuss politics, look back over the fun times from past shows and I give my opinion of the rest of the podcast team too… Paul just sits there speechless as I pull apart his loved podcast team and basically confess I could of done all the sections myself.

So its been fun, but don’t you cry for me you fuckers, its been fun, think of the memories and the legendary contribution I have given you lot for the last 7 months of Taylor’s Taylor’s

Once Love, this is Kai Taylor signing out for the last time.