Taylor’s Tales – Episode 6

Yo peeps, here we are with episode 6 and this months brand new Taylor’s Tales exclusively for The UK Porn Podcast. This week we have an extra long episode coming to you with a twist. Me and my co-host Mr Paul Taylor do the show drunk. Yep thats right we are bordering on being pissed, we are nice and tipsy and one or two more drinks and we would of probably been too pissed to even do the show and Paul wouldn’t of been able to press the fucking record button hahaha.

The show is as random and unedited as usual and we probably talk even more interesting bollocks of a variety of subjects this time around as our pissed minds wander from topic to topic. This month we talk about fucking dirty bum holes, flushing birds heads down the toliet when they like being fucking taken rough. Funny stories from our childhood, how much we both love big arses and Paul interrupts the chat with a few of pissed smelly farts, thank for I was in Spain and not sitting next to the cunt.

So hope you enjoy this episode of Taylor’s Tales and I will see you peeps next month.

Once Love