Taylor’s Tales Episode 2

Ok another month another episode oh the exclusive show by Kai Taylor TAYLOR’S TALES. The boys are back with more unplanned chin wagging and talking bollocks. Kai maybe the man who says it as it is in the UGLY TRUTH for the UKPORNPODCAST but that doesn’t stop here. They talk about what they been up to since the last show, both on and off the camera. Pauls buying a new house. Kai has been travelling with his cock abroad fucking hot chicks from Romania. He goes into massive deal about fucking a guys wife on set and got the whole camera crew saying ” YOU FUCK MY WIFE”. Kai even got the delivery man in on the show when his take away arrived. There’s even a mysterious girl in the background too, but who is she?

If you like this show, then expect the unexpected. Unplanned and totally as they are. Kai Taylor’s Taylor’s Tales is a pleasure to host on the site as this exclusive show just keeps getting better and better and funnier and funnier.

Until next month hope you enjoy the show.