Kai Taylor does Romania PART 2

Hey peeps  it’s your favourite ugly truth talker again with another update on my trip to Romania 2nd scene.

Woooowwww what a scene it was. My best scene I have ever done by far.

It was with the lovely Sandra Romain


imageimage copy

The day before, I was told who I was working with. Sandra Romain!!
Anal queen of Europe. Sandra Romain has won 12 AVN’S and 6 in 1 year. Titus steal said to me I want a really hardcore strong scene.
PRESSURE was on yayyyy
Thrive under that shit.

image copy 2








I was a sound man holding a sound stick and the boom at the end of the stick, I had to hit her with it in the face as an accident. Miss Romain got up and said what the fuck are you doing!!!

I acted all shy and stuff, then she grabbed me and we went at it hardcore.

I totally face fucked the life out of her. She was loving it eyes watering and everything. I fucked her face harder then I fucked some girls in the Uk lol.


image copy 3


Then the scene started we totally fucking like mad even when the camera stopped we couldn’t stop ourselves

This is where I realised I had to FUCK MY WIFE lol. ( check out Taylor’s Tales Episode 2) for the full story HERE

Sandra Romain pushed me to another limit, Uk’s gladiator stood strong and handled everything she had and we started to push each other to the end.

Woooooowwwwwww for once I felt fucked after 5 hours of hardcore fucking. FACE, PUSSY AND ASS

I still had 2 more scenes to go I was satisfied after that lol.

Curiosity killed the cat. I asked what do you think I was like as a performer that day?????. She’s worked with all the top performers. She said I was up there with the best of them, Manual ferrier, Rocco Siffredi, Galanti, Steve holms.

What a compliment.




Mwah xxxxxx