Hey Peeps its Kai Taylor here and the UGLY TRUTH

Hey peeps, this is Kai Taylor signing and joining my friend Paul Taylor and his lovely camera lady Scarlet grey for a show I have been a fan of for a long time. I did an episode of the podcast for Paul where we ended up producing the most listened show in the sites history. The banter was always a giggle and I am told I can be quite funny when I just give me my direct and straight to the point honest answers. I don’t see it personally I am just myself. Paul loved it and we slowly discussed the chance of doing more together. And from our chats and brain storming I am happy to bring you, THE UGLY TRUTH. The way it works is, you e-mail me in your questions and I will give you my honest answer. If you don’t want an honest answer as I may not always give you the answer you are wanting to hear, but I can promise you I will be truthful very truthful. If you can’t handle that then people, I advise you to seriously consider not asking me. I am here to help though and I am looking forward to hearing your questions and helping you on all things porn. I also have my own banter section called TAYLORS TALES a monthly show where me and the other Mr Taylor, chew the fat on all things life, from work, love to just everyday things. This special podcast show can only been seen here on my page on this site and this will not be included in the main UK Porn Podcast show, this will be our own special thing and its going to be great.

So peeps get your questions in to my here : kai@ukpornpodcast.co.uk and lets get this party started.

One love