Strictly Broadband Fined by OFCOM

Strictly Broadband Limited  has been fined by ATVOD . Ofcom found that the Strictly Broadband website had allowed its users to  access sexually explicit R18 material, without a system in place.

UK rules state that online video providers must put in place safeguards around 18-rated adult material to prevent minors from getting access to it.

But the Strictly Broadband homepage loaded without a warning as to the nature of the site’s content.

ATVOD does not have the power to levy fines for non-compliance, and so it referred Strictly Broadband to Ofcom for further investigation.

Ofcom said that the “gravity and duration” of the breaches, and their potential impact on minors, meant that they were “serious, repeated and reckless” in nature. It therefore imposed the £60,000 fine payable to HM Paymaster General.

Strictly Broadband has now placed a warning on its homepage, suggesting that it is prepared to comply with Ofcom and ATVOD’s rules.

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