Ciao Barnsley! Hello Essex!

Well I’m down to my last few days in good old Yorkshire, suffice to say I’m not going to miss it lol. I’ve had my ups and downs with this place, and I don’t mean the fun bouncy up and down on a cock kind. I’m just really looking forward to starting a fresh in a new town and focussing on filming loadsa filth for my sexy sluts. I’ve got quite a hit list of stunning ladies and lush studs to work through so when my site is live it’ll be hot as fuck! Also there’s lotsa gangbang parties planned and even some glory hole fun for me to look forward to!

The next thing I have planned is a greedy girl party at a swingers club in Walsall called R3tro on valentines weekend coz who wants one valentine when you can have several all fucking you at once!

Anyways I’m off to pack some more stuff up, I swear i could stock a sex shop with the amount of outfits, dildos and porn I’ve got! Ha!