Big Changes!

So the last time we spoke I was seeing a lovely guy and focusing on my personal life; well that went down the shitter lol.

He decided he needed to be single and I had a pretty boring and lonely christmas so I decided I needed to make some changes.

So on the 27th of december while most of my “friends” were nursing hangovers after a fun day/night out that I wasn’t invited to¬† I was searching the internet for apartments in Romford, Essex!

Obviously the rent is a lot more than what I pay in Barnsley so I’ve been working really hard to save up and by doing so I’ve found a new love for gangbangs lol (it’s not as bad as it sounds i don’t think). But yeh I’ve been working in a swingers club and it’s so much fun! It’s safe and clean and the guys are lovely :)

Also as I’m moving closer to porn land (London) I’ll have lots of sexy pornstars to film content with and hopefully have my own site by the end of this year :)


So yeh in true gemini style i’ve done a total 180 in just 3 weeks! But i feel so much better, I’ve lowered my dose of antidepressants, I’m at the gym everyday and I smile so much my face hurts! I finally feel at peace in myself and I’m very excited for this year!