Meet The Team

Meet your friendly co hosts of the Uk Porn Podcast, who they are and what they do.


Paul Taylor

Hi I'm Paul Taylor and I host the UK Porn Podcast. I have worked in the adult industry for 9 years now.I started out as a producer/performer working on POV content for my official first website that launched in 2004 called Pauls Spunksluts. That site ran until 2007 when I left the industry to pursue other things. I made my return after being tempted back producing content for a Canadian based website called Spunklsut Casting Calls again featuring new POV content. My work produced gradually eveolved from POV and started to shoot more reality based content which can soon be seen on a new US website coming soon. I am now the main performer of the site stepping completely in front of the camera. Dusk Films is the brand name for all of our content we produce for different sites around the internet.

Scarlet Grey

Hey I'm Scarlet Grey I joined the podcast as Paul's main co host about 2 years ago. A few month before that I met Paul and got the job as a camera operator for him helping him out shooting his POV content for Spunk Slut Casting Calls. Over the months Paul started to change his style and my role got bigger and bigger. I feature in the scenes too as a secondary character, I started to film him more and more that I ended up being the main camera and I continue to do that on all active shoots we have on for people. This lead us into shooting our Nerd based reality show idea which got picked up by a US company looking to start up another website niche. The content we have been working on lately will all be featured by the company in Miami in some form. I enjoy working in this industry, meeting new people and I just love to be around people when they are having sex so some might say that I have the perfect job. I have my own section in the show, Scarlets sex facts so have a listen, some of them re a real eye opener.

Valerie Fox

Hey all I'm Valerie, a 26 year old naughty porn starlet and glamour model. I've been in the adult industry for almost 2 years now and have shot for most major companies in the UK & US,( Los Angeles, and Miami). My true passions are my two children, music, writing, traveling, theatre, and of course all things sex! I have a massive lust for life and believe in living it to it's fullest. Catch my sex advice here only on the show.

Sindy Strutt

Hey boys and girls i'm Sindy Strutt, a 23 year old porn starlet, model and presenter. I've been in the adult industry for about 18 months now and have shot for most of the major companies in the UK. My true passions are music, martial arts, photography, standing up for what i believe in and of course all things sex! I'm very outspoken and brutally honest so if you want to hear the uncensored reality of what us ladies really think listen to my relationship advice here only on the show!

Kai Taylor

Hi peeps I am Kai Taylor, I have been in the industry 2 years now and have shot a lot of scenes for some of the best companies in the Uk porn Industry. I love performing and I have done a lot of work in the past for Shebang TV, behind and in front of the camera. Shebang is where you can see me a lot of my performing work these days, I am semi pro boxer and I like to keep fit. I love my friends and family but I am known to speak my mind and thats how I came to be part of this show, the ugly truth is where I answer your questions if you can handle it. Hope you enjoy the banter one love.