Episode 85 – The State of the Industry

Welcome to this weeks brand new show.

We take a little bit of serious note once again as we cover the state of the UK industry. We do these one off specials from time to time and this is our updated episode.

These are just our personal views on things, we don’t claim to be right but they are our little gripes with the industry we work in as well as our experience of certain aspects.

In this show we discuss twitter how it can be a good thing for people working in the UK porn industry and a bad thing when used to slander, moan and just have public arguments in front of your fans.

We also discuss models who don’t keep their feet on the ground and believing there own hype which eventually changes them as a person, and cause them to act out publicly on social media and even involving their fans to fight there battles, always a weird one. We also discuss how not my people help each other in the industry anymore, and how some people when they do, are met with being being vary of why they are doing it and what their motvies are, almost as if helping someone means that that person wants something ┬áback in return?

We do still have our emails from listeners, question for Scarlet and Scarlet’s sex fact of the week to end the show with.


Hope you enjoy the show