EPISODE 84 – Mona Summers

Welcome to a brand new show, glad you could join us. We are starting to get into a rhyme now of doing regular shows again and let me tell you, it feels good. We love all the emails you send in when your missing us and when we haven’t done a show for a while but hey, sometimes our production work just doesn’t allow us the free time we would like, sorry but thats the way it goes sometimes. We can honestly say we do miss doing the show when we don’t do it, so its not all one sided. Right so on todays show, our listeners have gone up, we answer more happy mail from our listeners and fill you in on what we have been up to during the week, which for me is, how I phrase it on the show FUCK ALL. Yes I am having a rest from shooting, well actually my rest is almost over as July is almost out, but I have enjoyed just vegging out in front of the TV etc, like a normal person. This week we have an interview with Holland porn actress Mona Summers. Mona has been a model now for a few years, and owns and runs her own website mona-summers.com. We have always wanted to shoot with each other and have always chatted on twitter and facebook so it was nice to finally work with her. This chat was recorded during our shoot with her for nerdpervert.com. In it we discuss the differences between the different societies of Britian and Holland. How people view porn and how people who work in it are treated, as well as sex education and how Mona was taught about sex at school and how we are over here. It’s a very interesting chat about how different we are from two places that aren’t really that far away. If you want to follow Mona on twitter you can do so by going to @Sexy_Mona91 or visit her site by going HERE. Also if you want to vote for Mona for best female performer at this years UKAP awards then go to the awards site HERE, click on best female performer and cast your vote.
We also get an email from a fan who gave us a possible idea for a new section on the show. If our listeners email in with there weird, horny or embarrassing sex stories we may just keep doing it. This one was a little bit strange, a little bit wrong and really sets the tone of what this new section could be. So get sending in your sex stories. We have a question for Scarlet, a fan asked how she first lost her virginity, of all things to ask a lady lol, and she gives us her sex fact of the week.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Thanks for listening.