Episode 82 – Petra Joy

Hello and welcome back to a new episode of the show, and what a show we have in store for you.

We cover all we have been doing since the last show, including the latest news on our first month of sales  for Nerd Pervert Volume 1. Also our current plans for DVD releases in the US also.

This week we chat to female adult producer Petra Joy about her unique vision for her films, why she shoots the way she does, including being against porn at the start until she decided to do something about it and make the porn she wanted to see.  She is defiantly a visionary and a activist with all things sex and censorship. This is one of the most insightful chats we have done in a  long time. Don’t miss this one folks. If you want to follow her on twitter then its @petrajoy. To see her work visit her official site petrajoy.com

Get in touch if you wish to take part in our show, particularly if you want to be part of a ever growing show with a lot of listeners. We are looking to introduce new sections on the show, in the adult business and looking to get your voice out there? We are all ears?

Scarlet is here to answer another question from a fan and she has our sex fact of the week to close the show off, which is a bit longer than normal mainly down to my dirty mind as usual.

We hope you enjoy the show, thanks for your support.

Until next time

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