Episode 81 – Zara DuRose UPDATE

Hello, Happy New Year.

Yes we know its April and our last show was the Christmas Special at the end of 2014 but man have we been busy.  We fill you in on everything we have been doing while we have been away and honestly we have a good excuse. Its been a busy old time here at Dusk Films.

We are planning to do at least a show every two weeks due to our busy schedule but if you have us saved in your iTunes then you will of received the little PING noise to let you know we have actually recorded a new episode. If you want to set us in your iTunes then follow the instructions HERE

Over the last 4 weeks however we have been interviewing people in the industry for future shows so lots of interesting chats to look forward to. When we can we will do a weekly show but at the very least one every fortnight.

This episode we catch up with Zara DuRose a model we have worked with since  the first chat we recorded a year or so back. This girl has come in leaps and bounds, is one of the busiest models we know because of such a broad list of work levels she can be booked for, both on and off camera. Also she has just launched her website which you can view HERE. So I’m sure she is on the path to being a successful female producer.

She also hosted a very successful launch party for her site and the night was a big success. This chat was recorded before the party so it has been and gone but she is arranging another so follow her on twitter  to find out when and how you can get tickets for it @ZaraDuRose

We are still looking at adding more sections to the show so please get in touch if your interested either to cover a section we want to replace or if you have your own ideas for a new section we are all ears.

Scarlet is here to answer another question from a fan and she has our sex fact of the week.

We hope you enjoy the show, we are admittedly we are a bit rusty but least we are back.

Until next time