Episode 79 – Age Verification laws 2014

Hello and welcome to this weeks brand new episode of our free podcast show. Wow the shit has hit the fan with the legal side of the UK adult industry. Last show we did we briefly talked about the new Age Verification laws coming in on the 1st of December well now they are in. This is an entertainment show and we do try and keep it fun and light hearted but theres no way to do a show like this and not be serious about it. This is our thoughts on the new laws and what type of porn is now banned effecting a lot of people in our industry  in particular smaller scale producers. This is us talking about it, our views on it and our interrupation on what this means and could mean in the future. These are our own personal views but anyone wanting to know more about these laws as they are subject to change I guess you should seek out this information from office channels.

We also talk about the ever growing now shows that seems to me getting worse. From Dusk Films point of view we have had a bad month, all 4 of our last shoots cancelled, vanished with no word or cancelled at the last minute. So we talk about our own personal experiences about how this effects our business, I’m sure that many others will have their own views on this too.

We do end the show with abit of fun though, a question for Scarlet and her sex fact of week.

Tune in next week for our christmas show, we do hope you join us then.

see you next time :0)