Episode 78 – 3 Month later

Running Time : 35 mins

Hello and welcome to this weeks brand new episode of our free podcast show. Or should I say our 3 monthly show? Sorry is been mad busy on the production side that we just haven’t had time. Please forgive and don’t leave us lol.

Ok seriously though its really good to be back, me and Scarlet talk about what we been up to while we have been away, as well as some of the things we got planned in the pipeline. We don’t have any interview this week as we are just finding our feet again and getting back in the full swing of the show, but we should be back to normal in the next episode. However we have a lot to discuss as theres a lot going on in the industry lately.

We read out some fan mail, talk about UKAP bashing on twitter and the future of porn, to XBIZEU and our experience of attending.

Scarlet answers another fan question on camera skills and what she prefers, stills or video and of course she brings the show to a close with her sex fact of the week, always interesting and some times repeated depending on the app on her phone.

Have a listen and as always enjoy, see you next time, hopefully next week :0)