Episode 77 – Christine Hamlin

Running Time : 1:12 mins

Hello and welcome to this weeks brand new episode of our free podcast show. Here we are keeping our promise for the 3rd week in a  row, feels good to be really back in the swing of things and of course with our rating going up, our listeners are glad we are back too by the looks of it.

This week we have a chat with Christine Hamlin, she’s a model who has always supported UKAP and there efforts in the industry and also with being a mature model, is very well ….mature in her out look and knowledge of the industry. She understands what it takes, and how its seen in the media, which she strongly disagrees with. She has had nothing but good things to say about the industry she still works in and to top it off if anything it saved her from a pretty bad place, gave her confidence and improved her quality of life and how she lived it. We chatted for a lot longer than this, so expect more from this lady in the coming episodes.

To fine out more follow her on twitter @curvychristina or visit her website  by clicking HERE or catch her on Golden Girls HERE

Louise Kay is here  with her ever so popular relationship advice, straight and direct, clear advice the best way.

Scarlet  answers another fan question and of course she brings the show to a close with her sex fact of the week, always interesting.

Have a listen and as always enjoy, see you next time