Episode 26 – Jason Maskell Returns

Running Time : 1hr 17  mins

Here we are back to normal running order with the episodes now, hope you enjoyed the Christmas Special and New Year Special with our first show of 2012 and of course a fab interview with Kerry Louise running along side a great month on spunkslutcastingcalls.com featuring her last ever boy-girl scene recorded in the UK last week. Here is another part of the interview we did with Jason Maskell. To listen the other Part  CLICK HERE. We had that much to talk about we had to pack it into two shows still not beating our 3 parter with Terry Stephens. Jason offers up a lot of advice for me as a content provider for someone who could use his services, this to anyone in the industry who listens to our show, maybe very interested in it. It certainly gives you that extra bit to think about apart from shooting your content. He also offers up more info on what AITA is up to as well as the yours.xxx site he has been working on. We  have a new segment on the show, SCARLET’S SEX FACTS, where she gives us 5 facts about sex. We will see how listeners take to this as to whether we keep doing it, but it’s certainly a lot of fun.

Jason was involved in a massive project involving owning a share in a brand new Adult Production company in the adult industry and was mentioned in the show, however since this show was recorded the project has been placed on hold.

If you are in the Adult Industry and would like to contact Jason about what he can do for you then you can contact him via the information below


Web - www.jcazltd.com

Email - jason@jcazltd.com

Skype – Jason_Maskell

TWITTER  http://www.twitter.com/Jason_Maskell