Episode 17 – Satine Spark

Running Time : 1 hr 5 mins

Many of you will remember our popular episode with Masie Dee, well Satine Spark has been working closely with Masie on a new website, theveryopenuniversity.com . Satine joins us for a chat about how this joint partnership with Masie came about, what the site is about and how it came to be. She also talks about what she has got going on with her work as a model on her own. She starts by talking about why she got into porn, what she likes about it and why she likes working in a career where she works for herself. This is a great little chat from a young lady who seems to know the industry inside out for someone who hasn’t been working for that long, only a few years infact. She seems very popular with her fans and I am sure they will enjoy getting to know Satine a little better in this episode.


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