Ok, great news here at Dusk Films. You may have heard on some past podcast episodes that we were working on something big right? Well for the past 7-8 months we hav been shooting the nerd character for the US.

Adult Network Lotza Dollars in Miami have teamed up with dusk films to create this great site which focuses on a nerds crazy antics and tricking girls into having sexy with him. All the content is 100% exclusive and they have packed the member’s area full of content as well as other bloopers and interview videos.

We can finally reveal after being sworn to secrecy that the name of their site is NERDPERVERT.COM

What you get out of this this new site is all the content they commissioned Dusk Films to shoot for them enabling them to launch this site. We will be producing content for them for the foreseeable future, as they just keep wanting more content and we are happy to produce it for them. The sites design is excellent and its always exciting seeing which video they will use next as the next update, we are honoured to be working with such a big US company who has grown and grown over the years

They have ordered another batch of scenes exclusively to them. If you have been Following Dusk Films on twitter (@duskfilms) you will of seen this nerd content we have been shooting, well now you know what for. This will also we the only place you will be able to see the nerd content anywhere.

We look forward to continuing to work with lotza dollars for many years to come. In the meantime why not go check it out.