This just in from CCBILL reguarding accepting payments from the UK.


” ATVOD (Authority for Television on Demand) is a UK based service 
that helps determine what content should and shouldn’t be served to consumers 
in the UK and helps set guidelines surrounding this.

This has a lot of impact for adult transactions as they ruled 
that adult sites must block access to anyone under the age of 18 (more details 
can be read at 
More specifically, in the UK a debit card can be obtained once you are 16 years 
old, which means that it’s possible someone paying with a debit card is not 18 
years or older and should not have access to that content. It isn’t enough to 
ask for someone to say they are 18 years old and to use a debit/credit card to 
confirm their age.

Luckily CCBill actually released a feature to help deal with 
this called Web Validate (also known as Cards by Country). I’ve included two of 
our blog posts on this so you have some reference material.

What this feature allows you to do is set up specific countries, 
and even more so, specific payment types to require additional authorization. 
You could set it up so that if someone from the UK tries to pay with a debit 
card, it tells them to email a copy of their driver’s license for 
certification. You can set up numerous custom rules, custom messages, it’s 
really customizable to your vision and goals. If you wanted to go as far as 
just to block all UK Debit transactions you could do that too.    

It’s definitely a concern for our UK based clientele and CCBill is doing everything in its power to assist those clients”