ATVOD Seeks Bans for Sites That Don’t Verify Age Projection

More news of ATVOD, the U.K.’s on-demand entertainment regulator , has  asked the UK government to ban the processing of charges for sites that fail to check customer ages.

Overseas online adult companies, would be penalized for failing to take adequate measures to ensure their U.K. customers are adults.

Payment processors would receive a blacklist of all companies making pornography available without proper age verification. That verification under U.K. laws requires credit and debit cards or other definitive identifying information.

Processors would be responsible for ensuring that no British customer could make a payment Uk adult site and worse yet any site that doesn’t have age verification will be black listed.

Some companies escape ATVODs noncompliance by moving overseas while continuing to make the same extreme content available to anyone in Britain.

“Banks will deploy lots of arguments as to why they shouldn’t be the gatekeepers for this,” Johnson said. “But following the money and making it difficult for these sites to earn it would be a powerful step towards reducing children’s exposure to hardcore pornography.”

Companies that target UK customers  are still potentially in breach of U.K.’s Obscene Publications Act.

ATVOD investigated  23 adult sites over Rule 11 violations in the past year. Thirteen of them  sites were found to be in violation of Rule 11 and were fined.

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