The Naked Truth Podcast

Just because I have a new podcast show doesn’t mean I’m off The UK Porn Podcast. Far from it in fact. If anything my inclusion of it here is consolidating it. I’m just not sure that the things discussed on The Naked Truth Podcast is interesting enough to a broad audience plus I wanted the topics to be standalone for quick access instead of part of a show like Real Couples.

This new podcast show was born out of Sex & Censorships Demo against Stop Porrn Culture, the event that took place between anti porn campaigner Gail Dines and OBJECT on Saturday March 15th which had a better than expected turn out with porn stars joining forces with other sex workers from strippers, to prostitutes to correct the anti porn propoganda demonising our business.

I shot the video of the event and bagged a few audio recordings to keep the momentum going beyond the day, then it occurred to me that on the run up to the event, a lot of the negative things said about our business was not just out of the blue but because a lot of people know nothing about the porn business if they think all that it takes to qualify getting in is to be abused, trafficked and other negative stuff

Contrary to popular belief there are some who actually enjoy escorting or at the very least motivated by the money they earn doing so.

The point of The Naked Truth Podcast is to explore, discuss and teach those who do not know about the sex business in that it will offer some insight and gain some understanding and tolerance towards the sex business and those who work in it.

It may make no difference in changing peoples opinions towards it but at least they can be forearmed with the knowledge to realise they can actually talk with us instead of down to us on matters that require understanding and change.

Remaining silent on issues regarding the adult business where censorship and control is not a remedy to a problem that is becoming worse as various agents of government bodies and pressure groups use porn as a soft target to further their own questionable agendas.

I say soft target because, until Saturday March 15th the adult business would have remained quiet as Gail Dines and Stop Porn Culture dominated the media with their rhetoric and have the upper hand in influencing public opinion that the sex business is indeed this bad place that needs to be reigned in and controlled by being taxed and regulated by people who are doing nothing but making money for a service that does nothing for what it is charged to do.

The Naked Truth Podcast aims to talk about all the things that are relevant to our business with the people who would’nt always get the chance to do so without being shouted down and cut off so if you want to have your say about anything and willing to do a podcast, get in touch with¬†thenakedtruthpodcast@gmail.comalso follow @pornpanic and support Sex&Censorship as their campaign is beneficial to our business as well as the civil liberties of other sex workers