“The Moral Maze” Radio 4

Apart from the “Moral Maze” , its been an interesting week for the porn biz fighting off as it usually does, a volley of criticisms, attacks and acts of censorhsip that threaten to shut down or demonise one of the little pleasures left in the world thats designed for adult entetianment and enjoyment.

“Enjoyment” That’s a word you dont often hear in association with porn. Porn, like any other vice is used precisely for that end. Entertainment in this case, suggests the porn we watch has a licence to be fantastic and extraordinary with al its quirks and fetishes. In short  the kind of sex we would live to have but seldom get in every day life…Well for most normal folk whatever normal is these days

Anyone would think that the torch wielding horde of critics and anti porn crusaders were in a killing mood for something to blame for the acts of  two peadophiles convicted recently for kidnap and murder of children who were both (allegedly) found to have indecent images of children and violent porn on their computers. Without knowing exactly I wonder what kind of porn  they actually had? With all the talk on the show about simulated rape with a womans head down a toilet I couldnt help but think it was a Rocco Siffredi video I saw years ago. I mention that one because its the only time I ever saw that and as fucked up as that sounds here, people know the difference between showmanship performance sex and real sex. If they copy those acts then its obviously something that turns them on and want to try. Look at it another way. I like escapist action films but I dont go trouncing  out of the window on the fifth floor of a high building wearing  red pants over blue denims with an S on my chest.

I’ve got a really good example of  a  couple on my site where the boyfriend was obviously acting out what he saw in a porn film to be batted down and rebuked by his girlfriend right there and then  that it nearly blew my shoot altogether as his pride was hurt but , let’s just go along with the claim on good faith. Heres what I think was left out of the discussion. Responsibility for ones actions for starters.

If you download  illegal porn  then you should be held accountable for it. I’m all for that but where is the line drawn on this subject? On the show Jerry Barnett was hit on the ground running by those who deemed porn to be “immoral”, “disgusting” and “degrading” – (some might say that is its appeal) and scrutinised Jerrys involvement with the porn business (on an IT/tech/geek level I’ll add- Jerry doesnt produce or star in them) by asking him “Are you proud?” “Do you think this is immoral or not”  which totally missed the opportunity to have a real meaty discussion where Jerry could offer answers that might provide for a better solution to the porn problem

That problem it seems, is children are accessing pornographic images too easily on the net and  destroying their childhoods. Where is the proof to support that exosure to pornography ruins lives? Isn’t this some deep seated guilt embedded into us by religion? Sure, I’ve read articles of  young girls  being pressured into sexual acts by boys who have seen stuff on the internet and the girls feeling pressured to look like their boyfriends fancy but whats new? Young lads have been egging girls on for sex since forever. iIts all part of growing up…I’d like to know the sheer scale of this problem? If porn is going down then perhaps the mainstream magazine, music and media industry in general should as well.

Jerry made a good point about teens being obsessed with sex which would suggest a good reason for their looking for it. More closer to home and and a real world example of this, a father I know where I live talked to me about finding  his son (who is on the onset of puberty) typed  the words “tits” and “bums” in Google. This sounds innocent enough and indicative of the freedom the internet allows us to enjoy. You might think me controverisal if I say that boy was expressing a healthy interest  in private on his own terms and we should remind ourselves here that suppression of those desires and discoveries carries its own set of problems in the development of young people to adulthood. If tits and bums are the extent of that boys interest then we know full well that he will progress to more harder stuff as he matures in life OR he could grow out of it if he matures emotionally as well. Ultimately it is that boys choice which direction he chooses to go in life. He has to be acountable for his decisions. Some do get warped by it but thats the law of averages. People fiind clowns funny but Im terrified of them. Should we ban them too? Nobody ever talks about the teenagers who have no interest in looking for porn who might be obsessed by other activities like drugs, parties and general tomfoolery of youth. The way some people bang on about this you’d never think they  were kids once who experienced the thrill of excitement of seeing a woman in all her naked glory. We could get into a whole other discussion on parents not knowing what their kids are doing or looking at on the net if they let them spend all day on the computer upstairs in their bedroom

I look towards Denmark and Holland when it comes to the porn being responsible for rape argument and invite people to see for themselves the statistics of rape for those countries that has so much porn that its inhabitants are bored with it. If people have an addiction to porn then thats a problem for the individual to seek help on. Why should the majority have their fun spoiled by the acts of the few?

Its just a shame that the show didnt give Jerry a chance to shine by asking the kind of questions that reflected answers to a solution, like parental responsibility, personal accountability on the part of the two men convicted for murder. Not for possession of porn…and why oh why oh why is extreme / illegal porn passed off as what the porn business is all about?  That kind of extreme material is produced by very few rogue bad boy producers compared to the usual generic staple “four positions and a cum shot” that you are more likely to see on the internet.  I’d breathe a sigh of relief if I caught my kids looking at that compared to the sites that show mexican drug cartel beheadings, women being stoned to death in Saudi Arabia for infidelity crimes or some teenage girl shot gun blasted in the face in Guatemala but I’m not likely to experience that because I simply wouldnt allow my kids to have a computer connected to the internet in their bedroom. Not because of the risk of seeing porn but the very real danger of social networks and faceless sex predators hiding behind fake identities trying to make friends with my kids. That is the real problem and most likely to result in crimes of the kind  those two men were convicted for and will serve time for the rest of their lives for.

The bulk of internet porn is amateur,  even personal otherwise known as home made which I would put down to the price of freedom that the internet has allowed people to enjoy. Others may say abuse Its not just about the porn business. People drive the internet by and maybe its that in itself that has precipitated the problem we now face. Not just the porn business

Just a few simple steps can avoid all that general unpleasantness of children being exposed to porn and violence on the internet. Its called parenting

If you didnt hear the show then catch it quick while its still available http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b02x93dv/