That One Eyed Jack chappy is coming

…To a UK Porn podcast near you soon.

Thats right folks. After sitting on the fence for a long time wondering should I do this I’ve finally gone and done it. I just hope I am worthy of a listen as I’m sure the couples genre is not for everybody but I know it has its place in porn besides something to just crack one out to. There is something a little more weighty in intellectual interest for the onanist/ observer. This show will give you candid conversations from behind the scenes  of what goes on at a real couples shoot.

Every time we do an update you never really know what youre going to get. I often describe my site as if it were an ice cream parlour. Some couples are vanilla and the flavours go way across the spectrum to tutti frutti.It reflects it in the podcasts. Some of you may already be members of the site or seen my stuff before, just bear in mind this is not always a straight lift of the sound track you might have heard already, these podcasts will often contain stuff that I have left out of the site update. I understand that too much talking can be a bit boring so I’ve omitted it to use in these podcasts. I hope you like it and let me  know what you think. I welcome your feedback too. For better or worse.

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