February/ March goings on and stuff

I’m dizzy with being busy as usual. Seriously, life is a blur given all that I have to juggle and this month is no exception. Theres no shortage of things to get on with at One Eyed Jack Towers. Its a good thing I had this weeks latest inclusion for The UK Porn Podcast sorted out as the last week I was intensively involved with a custom shoot which was heavily fetish based (that means more psychological and role playing) but I find them fun to do. Thats the whole point of fetish, its brain candy stuff you can emote with.  I got to meet and work with) the lovely Danica Collins and Marlyn Lindsay

Ive also been under the hammer working on my mate Lustys new promo video for his new LP “Public Mental Breakdown” which he is giving away for free if you want a copy mosey on over there right now and download a free copy. The video was fun to make and is a pastiche of our favourite TV hardmen/ cops n robber shows with a nod to blaxploitation thrown in there. the reason I mention the video is that no fewer than 3 people (outside of myself) feature in it, Jess West, Tiffany Naylor and Sensi who we have to thank for gracing the video with their presence. i think the real scene stealer was Sensi’s dog Blud. he wasnt even factored in but there he was, just in there. It wasnt until I sat through the footage that i decided to go ahead and include him in the video. There was so much good unseen  footage of the dog that I might have to include it on an EPK edit (Electronic Press Kit) its what journos and critics get as a package to review with information . Think of it as extra/ bonus/ behind the scenes stuff…But all that will come later, right now its all about the album release.

Right now on Real Couples we have the Amica Bentley and Pascal update. If youre a member there then you will know we’ve had the interview bonus go up first as a pre cursor to the scene which is really hot. Amica is a sexual force to be reckoned with and in true Real Couples tradition I explain what Pascal is doing on it again. Lets face it, Mr Loverman delivers the goods and despite shagging a lot of ladies for the camera he does have his regular lady off camera. Considering he was with his previous partner for 3 scenes you might think we are chronicling the wild sexual lifestyle of a porn star romeo. What can I say but thats how the brotherman from another mother man rolls and thats how we keep the Real Couples universe interesting.

Surely you didnt think we were all about the married couples in the leafy suburbs who make love in the missionary postion and use wet wipes before a peck on the cheek goodnight honey lets go to sleep? Wwe is more rock n roll than that. theres a whole crazy world of people out there and some of them fall in love and are crazy enough to come share it with us

Enjoy this weeks podcast: Its lifted from the Leona and Adam shoot that is due for update on the site soon. As far as I know this was their first shoot but they may well be on Busty Britain soon as Leona is blessed with  huge lovely tits that put her way out there. Adam enjoyed the experience so we can look forward to them working for more producers in the UK, to anyone that is curious as to how couples decide on doing porn then this podcast within the podcast show will be of interest to you