Hi, and welcome to the UK Porn Podcast, we are your hosts Paul Taylor and Scarlet Grey.

This site was setup for you, to give the general public a better understanding of the UK adult Industry. Lets face it we don't have the best repuation in the main stream media and thats mainly because of the stories aimed to make it look bad, its peoples lack of knowledge on the whole thing, and that quick to judge attitude that we are all guilty of at some time or other.

In our Episodes you will hear from some of the industries most active working people. Producers, performers and sometimes photographers and web masters. They all give us an interesting insight into their work and sometime tell us about their personal life too, showing us that they are just like everyday people and what they do is just a job at the end of the day.

Our team has also started to grow now, we have various industry members who now feature regularly on the show and answer fans questions. So we hope you continue to enjoy the show and continue to make it the success it has been so far. Remember you can listen on the site, download to your computer or subscribe to us on itunes.